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(This is generous, as the couple in question did not actually get together until after the show, when bachelor Jason Mesnick dumped the girl he chose in the finale, Melissa Rycroft, in favor of his discarded runner-up, Molly Malaney.) NBC's Average Joe started off with an admirable premise: It attempted to make a match between a beauty queen and a normal dude.
" with brand new (and superbly ridiculous) details about their now rekindled romance.

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Boys play with “action figures.” But the preference for risk-taking behavior in males is seen across all cultures, suggesting something more than socialization may be at work in drawing men and boys to risky pursuits.

The research team suspects that gender-specific behaviors that have been favored over eons of evolution in the battle for survival have left their imprints in our DNA and they are still guiding our mate choices today.

Basically, the idea is to build a "Kayak" for dating websites.

Instead of logging into all these websites, just log into this one site and choose which dating sites you can it to pull profiles from.

Ideas like yours pop up in hacker news all the time, it would be wise for you to do some research https:// you'd be scraping the data from all the dating sites out there?

Comments from any internet experts or tech guys on if this is possible and of course any comments from anyone who thinks this would be helpful.

Basically, the idea is to build a "Kayak" for dating websites. Assuming you build something like that, all the cute girl profiles would get overwhelmed and they are already at capacity.

In a restaurant, a blonde woman sits across from a friend in a yellow leather jacket.

At every other table in the place, a woman wearing a yellow leather jacket sits across from a man.