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“By the time we reach our mid-twenties, there are a lot of social pressures around the idea of ‘having your shit together’ – i.e you have a career sorted, you are settled into a conventional relationship, you own a nice car and a comfortable home and you are probably thinking about marriage and kids,” they told Huff Post UK.“All of these ‘lifestyles’ are being marketed to a generation that are saddled with debt (especially if they’ve chosen to go to university), but more so, to a generation who have grown up with the internet and therefore with a boundless pool of choices when it comes to careers.”“The idea of a single career narrative - that lots of our parents experienced - has been replaced by that of the portfolio career.
The one who wants to achieve a lot should work a lot as well and serious relationships on the early stage of career can become serious obstacle. Thousands and maybe even millions of married people all around the world are not satisfied with their family life and they have the right to date other men and women.

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command failed because the DS_Needs_Redefining(8) bit in the status_bits column was set for an active data set.

This status indicates that normal operations can only be resumed after a redefine command is executed.

CM-REQ-4063; A search path expression contains an unknown comparison operator .

CM-REQ-4064; The search path property name is invalid.

You can try connecting to it with a web browser or other utility.

The grouping of Identity Servers (Identity Server Configuration) or Access Gateways is trying to locate a keystore on one of the Identity Server or Access Gateway devices but the keystore cannot be found.

The Client uses the exit status specified in the 8-bit Exit code column instead of the actual code, which is longer than 8 bits.

This only affects shell scripts that test the exit status. This means one of two things—either the Client control tables do not exist, or they are not the right version.

The implementation must ensure that the instance's state() is set to QCan Bus Device:: Unconnected State.

Verify that the IP address or DNS name exists and that the port is correct.

Verify that the server you are attempting to import the certificate from has a certificate.

CMREQCM-REQ-4001; Content Manager is unable to process the request because it is invalid. CM-REQ-4045; The class of the object does not match the class of the object that is referenced by the "shortcut" property.

CM-REQ-4002; Content Manager is unable to process this request because it is invalid. CM-REQ-4014; Your current security privileges do not include access to the object "". CM-REQ-4049; An error occurred while accessing a security system.