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Bible verses about dating other races

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In Numbers 12:1, Moses is recorded as having married a non-Israelite woman who presumably followed a different religion. Take care not to make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land to which you are going, or it will become a snare among you.You shall tear down their altars, break their pillars, and cut down their sacred poles...Much of this debate surrounds the scope and reality of the Biblical account.Some say it was a literal worldwide flood, others say it is merely an allegorical story.Certainly if the truth of this one subject were made evident many of the debates surrounding the Bible would no longer exist.

Their main concern appears to have been that if an Israelite married someone from another tribe, that they might end up worshipping other Gods, and be lured away from faith solely in Jehovah. He is said to have retaliated against Miriam by making her leprous. About Creation Ministries International Each office has its own speaking staff (who generally perform other functions) whose role it is to go out to where the people are and reach them with the message of the truth and authority of the Bible, and its relevance to the real world.We’ve found that an extremely effective way to get this message out into the population in general, and thus to increase the number of people getting converted, etc. We has been used in witnessing efforts at two Olympic Games and is available in several languages other than English. You will find that our team of scientists/speakers globally are almost always of ‘one voice’ in their positions on various issues that may be the subject of controversy even within creationist circles.Clicking on the pictures below will take you to the (short) speaker biographies.To see the (long) creation scientist biographies, please visit that page via the ‘Info.’ menu or click on the longer biography button on the short bio page of interest.Cover illustration: A woodcut of Noah and his Ark dating from 1493.