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This article will guide you through the process of upgrading to the latest Harmony firmware.Typically, syncing your remote will be sufficient to update your Harmony software.Otherwise, you'll need to upgrade to gain access to these features.For step-by-step instructions on upgrading to firmware version 4.x, please see: Upgrade and access the power of home control Make sure that you're connected to the internet using the same connection as your hub (for hub‑based remotes).The issues included the ability to: This gave an attacker with of hardware the ability to basically take over remote PCs within wireless range, which could be up to 50m away.This makes sitting in a café quite a dangerous thing to do when any affected hardware is inserted, which for the unifying dongle is quite likely as it’s explicitly designed to remain in an empty USB socket.They have "Logitech Gaming software" for G series, but unfortunately the problem isn't fixed with Logitech Gaming software and it has no option for disabling scroll acceleration :( Until Logitech fixes their drivers, I can confirm that using USB Overdrive is a viable workaround for the single-line scrolling issue on Mac OS Sierra using Logitech Gaming Software for Mac v8.87.92.

New users may enable this skill using the Amazon Alexa app by selecting Menu Skills, search for "Harmony" and enable the blue skill.

These features have already been enabled for you — no update is required.

A single, Harmony skill Harmony has migrated all the great features from our two skills into one, now titled the "Harmony" smart home skill.

Logitech and Amazon are aware of an issue that may prevent the Harmony skill from properly sending commands to your entertainment system.

We're working together to resolve this with urgency and apologize for the inconvenience.