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Hundreds of members of the Bundestag rose to their feet in a spontaneous standing ovation when the result was announced, as the Green party launched rainbow confetti and celebrated with a cake.

Members of the public in the viewing gallery embraced and cheered, while celebrations broke out in Berlin's streets.

Germany’s parliament is expected to vote to legalise same-sex marriage despite divisions on the issue inside Angela Merkel’s party.

The opposition Social Democratic Party (SPD) called for the vote in an amendment entitled “marriage for all”, in a key victory ahead of September’s federal elections.

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Equal marriage is a key issue for the centre-left party, and smaller opposition parties the Left (Die Linke) and the Greens, meaning supporters have a slim majority in the Bundestag.

Discussions can prove to be rather interesting when questioning the views of real German’s attitudes of original cultures. Automobiles or technical machines, devices, etc., house improvements 6. Where they spent their last vacation and what they did and/or where could they go next time 8. For real German men, it’s simply understood that real German men don’t have problems, so they don’t talk about women – alles klar?!

On the one hand, they feel that is absolutely necessary to leave the culture intact, that is to maintain it’s purity.

“Every member of parliament should be able to follow their conscience.” Ms Merkel’s party, which holds 254 out of 630 seats in the Bundestag lower house of parliament, is currently governing in coalition with the SDP, whose members hold high-profile posts including the foreign and economy ministers.

The party took the Chancellor’s statement on a “vote of conscience” to free it from its obligation not to call a vote on same-sex marriage.