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The website links to's A Parents' Guide to Snapchat, which details the app's uses and provides safety tips.The National Crime Prevention Council says there are four primary dangers of using social networking sites.

Using the familiarity of Snapchat, the women tell their shocking, harrowing, and for many, all too relatable stories.

“Sexual assault is such an important issue, it’s also a very common one,” Price told “While at university, whenever the topic has been discussed with my girlfriends it was always met with ‘me too,’ or similar accounts.

Evan Anderson Berkland, 19, was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, enticing away a minor under 13 -- sexual abuse/exploitation and dissemination/exhibition of obscene materials to a minor, according to court documents.

“I’ve lived in Bristol for about five years and since being a student here I've been raped again three times and assaulted a lot.

Every time it happens it's been someone that I know, I like, I love and that I see all the time,” said another.